Who remembers photo albums?


And who remembers watching VHS Videos and carrying around a video recorder to record videos of your family on your dream holiday?


How many of us now days have thousands of photos and videos on their smart phones?

With all these items these days we forget to print out photos or even watch the videos we took on our holidays or when we recorded a special occasion such as a Birthday or Milestone event.

The Tech Gentleman can assist in helping you create an amazing film or video piece and compile all your special occasions onto a file for viewing on your Smart TV or other Device.

We can assist in compiling the following:

For the Home

A Professional Photo Collage Video

A Professional Film Video 

This includes Titles, Songs of your choice, transitions, and even end credits.

For the Business 

A Professional Photo and Video Film with the story board of your choice

So call us for a chat now, we look forward to speaking to you soon and discuss your custom requirements